You decide. You’re the trend. Your very own. #BEYOURSELF

BeYu is all about developing yourself. No mindless copying of what’s supposedly fashionable somewhere in the world. Only you can be unique!


At a time in which having the courage to be yourself is far from easy, BeYu aims to make long-forgotten mottos like ‘Be true to yourself’ a firm part of your attitude once again. We create products that inspire you to experiment with – and embrace – every aspect of yourself. The personality of BeYu reflects current trends.

Professional cosmetics not only for makeup artists, but also for all women with a desire for high-quality products – that was the vision of MAKE UP FACTORY from the start.

High-end makeup is no longer reserved for professionals only.

In close cooperation with international makeup artists and Europe‘s most renowned cosmetics manufacturers, Make up Factory developed a brand that sets new standards in the world of cosmetics. Brand characteristics are esthetic design, an exceptional color palette and the highest possible quality.

Unique collections based off runway trends allow every woman to create her own makeup style, which enhances her natural beauty.