BAM Brands USA is a cosmetic company founded in 2014. We import and distribute two German makeup lines; Make Up Factory and BeYu Cosmetics. 


BAM Brands USA has a firm grasp on navigating the complex world of importing cosmetics into the United States. We have substantial experience with FDA regulatory guidelines and requirements. 


Ship your product via air freight? Or ocean cargo? Deciding which U.S. Customs broker to use and which carriers to use can be complicated and take up a lot of your time. BAM Brands USA can provide valuable guidance for all your logistics needs. 


How is the distribution of your product going to be handled? Will you warehouse the product yourself? What will be your primary distribution channel? Will you focus on boutique retailers or go after big box stores? Can your company scale fast enough to handle large orders? 


The answers to these questions are important and have to be thought through strategically. BAM Brands USA will guide you through making the right decisions. We have ample experience in these areas and we can help you make the best choices for your company. 



Building brand awareness for a new product is not easy or cheap. BAM Brands USA recognizes most new companies do not have unlimited capital available to experiment with different strategies or hire a marketing firm. 


BAM Brands USA implements grassroots approaches that fit limited budgets and only focuses on industries we have tangible experience in. We provide guidance on where to spend your capital and how to balance in-house versus outsourced services. Our approach will help you build the knowledge and foundation for your brand's future success.